Tortilla Soup

This recipe came from a night when I wanted dinner to be quick and yummy. I never imagined it turning out so freaking amazing. This wasn't something planned and I didn't take any photos because I didn't know how it was going to turn out! But this is absolutely the best soup I have ever made so … Continue reading Tortilla Soup


Easy Vegan Chickpea Burgers

Sometimes you get tired and don't have the energy or patients to go through making a large multi-step meal. Wouldn't it be awesome to have a few recipes that you know are quick and easy and, of course, delicious?! Well here it is. Quick and easy chickpea burgers that take no more than 5 minutes … Continue reading Easy Vegan Chickpea Burgers

Vegan Lasagna!

Ever since hearing about vegan ricotta cheese I've been craving lasagna! Growing up with an Italian mother, lasagna was something she would make often.. and there is absolutely nothing better than mama's lasagna. Nothing. I began this recipe by making the vegan ricotta cheese which is made with tofu, some cashews, nutritional yeast, and lots … Continue reading Vegan Lasagna!